We create and produce contents for all kinds of clients regardless of their channel size and of their area of impact.

  • More than 200 hours produced in 2015.
  • 15 formats released in 2015-2016.
  • The contents area is composed of three branches -entertainment, factual and fiction- and the R&D department.
  • Our productions have been awarded over 50 renowned awards in reputed festivals, such as the Berlinale or the New York Festival, Goya, Espiga de Oro, Academia Española de la TV or TP de Oro.

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Solutions and services for all the operational requirements that may arise in production companies and TV channels.

  • Outsourcing, externalization of functions.
  • Externalization of business and support processes.
  • Technical and human resources for all kinds of projects.
  • Audio and video postproduction
  • ENG teams management
  • Delivery of current issues images.
  • Technical installations and maintenance
  • Consultancy, design and execution of audio-visual projects.

Permanent geographical presence through 20 production centers across Spain and capacity to operate in any area of the country.
Ongoing innovation and investment in resources, and highly demanding with respect to technological adaptation to the market.
Benefits for clients: adequate technology, always with no investment needed. Mode "private brand" regarding operation. The company's independence allows us to reach transparence when carrying out projects for our clients. The quality of our services is supported by ISO 9001 regulations.

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  • The impact of digitalization can be felt in all sectors. In Secuoya's digital area we are working to implement new models that enable us to overhaul our processes, thus becoming more efficient and creating opportunities in an ever-changing environment.
  • Through the use of open innovation models, we create and speed up digital projects based on innovation and differentiation. We aid our partners throughout their digital transition. Thanks to our MCN on You Tube we help televisions and content producers to both protect and boost their assets on new digital distribution platforms.
  • The dynamics of Social TV also means that our TV content continues to have an impact well after it is aired. Thanks to active social networks and digital marketing actions we increase to our transmedia audience.

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  • The television area encompasses all the Group’s channels, in all fields (national, autonomic, subscription channels or Internet-based).
  • Coordinates its role concerning audience, management and content objectives, and establishes the correct synergies that generate its reason for being. This task is always developed respecting the independent management of each of them, since they all have their own general management, management and objectives, acting as business units.
  • Three of the main objectives for this year are to detect opportunities in subscription channels, get closer to the movements of the sector in the light of the recent DTT movements in Spain and address the new market niches stemming from the digital world.

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We offer audiovisual and digital communication solutions: we create, produce and distribute branded content based on our media capacity and experience in the television audiovisual industry.

  • Because we have our own TV and digital distribution means, we are able to maximise the outreach of our actions and the returns for our clients.
  • We provide new effective communication solutions. Our track record includes: 150 actions per year; a portfolio of 50 global top brands; and a presence on the digital market that generates millions.

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