“Los Españoles en el mundo” release their latest installments Puglia, Maine, Thailand, Bolivia and New Zealand, are just some of the new destinations on “Españoles en el mundo” • The travel space on "La 1" in collaboration with Secuoya Contenidos continues its journey around the world to show the life of Spaniards in some of the most surprising of places.

This Thursday, ‘Españoles en el mundo’ continues its journey to bring viewers closer to the lives of our compatriots living in some of the most surprising places on the planet. Puglia, Maine, Thailand, Bolivia and New Zealand...will be some of the places where reporters María Pérez, Estefanía Masó, Antonio Montero and Luis Calero will travel to.

The travel space on "La 1" will journey more than 90,000 kilometres, more than two trips around the world, to showcase stunning landscapes, hidden corners of the world unknown to most of us and to show us the real lives of Spaniards living day to day all over the world. Journeying to Maine and Oregon (USA), Thailand, Bolivia, New Zealand, Corsica, Ireland, Australia, the Azores or Puglia in Italy, are some of this week’s destinations.

Puglia: Located between the Ionian and the Adriatic seas, Puglia - or Apulia - is the heel of the characteristic boot on the Italian peninsula, an area of unrivalled beauty, gastronomy, music, tradition and architecture. “Españoles en el mundo” travels there in the hands of Jorge, Hugo, Miriam, Ana and Natalia. History and tradition go hand in hand in a land that has been home to the Greeks, Spartans, Romans and Spanish over centuries, all of whom have left their their mark in cities such as Bari, Otranto, Lecce, Alberobello, Brindisi or Taranto. This week’s programme will uncover the hidden corners of this beautiful region, which has recently become a hot-spot for celebrities from all over the world. A place where food is a celebration of life and people dance to the frenetic rhythm of the Tarantella.

Jorge is our first travel guide. A medical doctor from Seville, he has been living in Italy for 15 years, in Martina Franca, in the province of Tarento, with his Italian wife and two children. Then we’ll meet Hugo, a Galician viticulturist who lives in Tarento where he produces wines that are indigenous to Puglia. Having lived in Italy for 14 years, he is also married to an Italian woman and has two children.

Our third guide in Puglia is Miriam, a Digital Marketing consultant from Barcelona, who lives in Lecce; following her is Ana, a secondary school teacher, also from Barcelona, who has spent 25 years living in Italy. She lives in Brindisi with her Italian husband, who is in the navy, and their two children. Our journey ends with Natalia, from Vigo, who is secondary school English teacher living in Bari.