Client: Catalina D’Anglade’s new website

Company Secuoya Corporate


Catalina D’Anglade’s new website

Design and develop of the website for the jeweller Catalina D’Anglade, centring on design from the very beginning, at the customer’s request. It is a purely visual site in which the colour black gives an image of elegance and sophistication. Furthermore, it is the images of the different items that are on offer which always occupy more than 50% of the screen.

The Art and Design are the inspiration of Catalina D’Anglade and the foundation of each and every one of her creations capture the magic and energy of places and moments in time, implementing this idea or thought into one unique piece. Her first collection, accomplished in Spain, is an homage to the city of New York.
“Original pieces, to inspire, to dream, through the magic of shapes”..