Client: Vidas en orden

Company TEN


Vidas en orden

Carolina Ferre is at the forefront of this space, created to put our brains, emotions and daily life in order. Inspired by the system “21 days to put your house in order”, “Vidas en orden” is an original new format that perfectly links the philosophy of the new TEN: television that changes you.
This programme will teach the benefits of applying order to our domestic lives, not only in the house but also in relationships, emotions and coexistence. It will analyze how our lives will improve as a result of order.

The expert Alicia Iglesias (professional organizer, organizational coach and creator of the blog will help the protagonists to kick-start this approach. In each episode we will meet three different types of people who suffer from organisational problems, and are in need of help. Our professional will visit these houses and, after analyzing the situation, will try to sort things out.