Secuoya Contenidos premieres “FAS” on Wednesday, 8th March on TVE1. The second season of "FAS", the factual that invites viewers into the day to day life of the Spanish Armed Forces, comes to TVE1 on the 8th at 12.30am. Produced by Secuoya Contenidos, “FAS “will have 6 episodes (two per army: Air, Land and Navy).

Alongside reporters María Pérez and Gorka Vallejo, in this new season we will see up close how the military work, their training, tests and daily tasks The Air Force will show how acrobatic patrols work, the Navy will board the strategic projection vessel, Juan Carlos I and through the Land Army we will see how explosives are deactivated and learn about tanks and aerial missiles.

After launching the first season a year ago, we will now be able to enjoy the first chapter of the second installment, "La Guardia del Aire". Next Wednesday we will meet the Air Base of Torrejón de Ardoz, in Madrid, where one of the 5 Fighting and Combat Wings of the Spanish Army, Wing 12, is located.

We will present the military at Central Command and Control Group (GRUCEMAC), and the fighter pilots who protect the air space. We will see how fighter pilots are prepared to endure the effects of combat fighting at CIMA (Training Centre for Aerospace Medicine) which is extremely demanding on both a physical and mental level. Our reporter will undergo the hypobaric chamber test, which trains pilots against hypoxia, oxygen deficiency in blood, and will experience the sensation of flying in an F18, participate in a manoeuvring exercise and feel the effects of "G force" gravities, which pilots experience every day.

In the ‘Alert Barracks’ we will meet the Squadron, a team formed by armourers, mechanics and pilots prepared to respond to any aerial threat 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, being capable of taking off in less than 15 minutes in the event of an alarm.
In addition we will attend the F18 pilots meetings and will see the celebration in honour of one of the pilots of Wing 12 achieving 1000 hours of flight. We will even share familiar moments with one of the members of the elite Air Force.
Finally we will get a glimpse into the world of the Air Army, EVA 12, one of the squadrons that watch the air space from very high and secluded areas where they must acclimate to very low temperatures.