Secuoya Contenidos produces “Viajeras con B”: a factual programme about travelling the world This is TEN’s first in-house production for 2017. This factual programme, made up of seven episodes, will be broadcast very soon.

TEN’s first in-house production for 2017 is forthcoming. "Viajeras con B", is a seven episode factual programme in which we accompany two travellers who do not know each other as they embark on very different adventures, journeying to the most spectacular destinations imaginable.
Produced by Secuoya and B the travel brand for TEN, "Viajeras con B" shares the experiences of what can be found in seven destinations around the world. Told through the eyes of actress, Corinna Randazzo, and blogger, Rojo Cangrejo, it will premiere during the first term of this year. Directed by Cristina Jiménez, this factual series counts on Pablo Cabello as executive producer and Sergio Zúñiga as delegate producer at TEN. In each episode, the two protagonists show us everything there is to do in these destinations. We become witness to the occurrences and adventures that they live, while a narrator guides us through each location, providing additional and practical information. Through TEN, we witness the day-to-day life of two travellers in Mauritius, Cancun, Cuba, Dominican Republic, New York, Costa Rica and Thailand: a total of 75,000 kilometres by plane, 2,000 kilometres by road and a total of 15 different types of vessels. Swimming with dolphins in the ocean, parasailing on Deer Island, snorkelling with turtles, boogie boarding on idyllic beaches, taking part in the Halloween Parade in the Big Apple, ziplining at 80 kilometres an hour and rafting in the Pacuare River in Costa Rica.

A Milestone for Comunicación Transmedia

“Viajeras con B” is an ambitious communication strategy by Secuoya Corporate and the travel brand, B, who as world experts in travel, make it possible to turn each journey into an authentic experience.

To date, and pending its premiere on TEN,"Viajeros con B" is breaking new ground in this type of communication. More than 900 social network contents, 1,200,000 online video views, 275,000 likes accumulated in social networks, more than 2,000 comments and almost three million impressions are the results of an unprecedented project in Spain by Secuoya Corporate and the travel brand, B.