Our main value: people.

A team of highly experienced and highly qualified sector makes up the backbone of Sequoia Group. More than 1.135 media professionals, journalism, marketing, management, production, audiovisual creation are ready to face any challenge and provide solutions to our customers. The group has experienced organic growth since 2008 has been able to diversify within their value chain, enhance synergies and occupying the growing niches in the sector.

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Management team

Present throughout the value chain

The main asset at Grupo Secuoya are the individuals that make up our team. The company is led by a team of highly trained and qualified professionals in each audiovisual, communication and management division. They will ensure that Grupo Secuoya's clients achieve their objectives.

Management Team

J. Pablo Jimeno

Chief Executive Officer

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Alfredo Cándido Ortiz

Chief Financial Officer

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Antonio Campos Avilés

Director of Audiovisual Services

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Javier Valero Ramos

Director of Marketing and Development

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Alejandro Samanes

CEO of Secuoya Latin America

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Antonio Ramos Laguna

Director of Human Resources

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Ricardo Pazos

Head of Purchasing and Internal Auditing

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A new view: international network

GOAL: To create a NETWORK of production companies that provide content and services for new markets and that are focused on international growth, enabling Secuoya to reproduce its model in other countries.

MODEL: To establish partnership agreements in the target countries with local audiovisual production companies or freelance professionals that generate business, formats and positioning and who see the partnership as a growth opportunity by providing a common catalogue and thus becoming leaders in the market while becoming part of a global group of creation, production, distribution and audiovisual services.
Consolidation and promotion of the already-established international divisions of the group intensifying our professional activity in the entire value chain.
International partnerships with distributors that are present in different markets and, like us, wish to grow and consolidate.


Present throughout the value chain

Companies by Grupo Secuoya form a synergistic, coordinated and effective covering the entire customer value chain, with the world of visual communication as driveline. Each integrated teams of professionals united by the ongoing pursuit of excellence in our work and the satisfaction of our clients, people and projects linked by a common, passionate about the future.







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